The Resilience Project @ Chelsea Elementary (overview)

Students & Staff have been engaged in a collaborative art experience that explores resilience. On May 12th every student created a sunflower package infused with wishes to plant seeds of joy and hope. On May 18th, we explored our relationship with water; inspired by samples of rivers and lakes from across Quebec each student created a body of water on a square piece of paper. Each element created space for students & staff to look at the things in their lives and in the world that inspire strength and hope. During Oceans week, it all came together, as students began work on a mural infused with their individual contributions! The mural features the Gatineau river (Te-nagàdino-zìbii) which is the living representation of an interconnected system that ties the community together: both ecologically and socially. A connector that reminds us that we are a part of something much bigger than us, something in constant movement and creation.

Created by patrycja maksalon.